5 Best-selling Aircraft Of All Time


Bombadier CRJ


4. Bombardier CRJ


This jet by Canadian company Bombardier was launched with a first model of 50 seat CRJ in 1992 followed by a 70 seat model CRJ700 in 1997 and 86 seat CRJ900 and lastly CRJ1000 with a capacity of 100 launched in 2007. The last one was delivered in 2021. 1945 aircraft of this model have been delivered. to date. It has a range starting from 1764km for CRJ1 to 2700km for CRJX. Power is supplied by two CF34-3A1 engines for CRJ! To CF34-8CA1 engines for CRJX.Maximum take-off weight ranges from 21500kg for CRJ1 to 39000 kg for CRJX. This is among the best-selling aircraft of all time.