5 Best-selling Aircraft Of All Time



The best-selling aircraft are of different sizes and ranges. There are various reasons why customers were attracted to them. These range from the capacity to ferry more passengers, fuel burn efficiency, comfort, and ease of operating.

 best selling aircraft

Cessna 172

1.  The Best-selling Aircraft   (Cessna 172)

This is the world’s best-selling aircraft of all time. So far it has seen 45000 deliveries. It is the most flown aircraft ever built. This is a single-engine aircraft. It has one crew and 3 passengers It is also reputed to be one of the safest general aviation aircraft. It is affordable and versatile. The original Cessna had a maximum speed of  210km/hr. It had a service altitude ceiling of 15100ft. It had a gross weight of 2200lbs, a useful weight of 910 lbs. and a baggage allowance of 120lbs. The Cessna 172 had a fuel capacity of 39 gallons. It was powered by a 145hp Continental engine.

The Cessna has evolved over time to have 18 variants starting with Cessna 172A in 1960. Currently, the model in operation is the 172s, with a Lycoming 180HP engine. It is Cessna’s primary model since 2007. It has standard Garmin avionics and leather seats. It has a range of  352nm or 633km and a service ceiling of 14000ft. It has a cabin length of 11ft 10In, a height of 4ft, and a width of 3ft 3In