The Jetson One Electric Aircraft

Jetson is a Sweden-based company. The company was started by Peter Ternstrom and Tomasz Patan. Jetson one is a personal aerial electric airplane that is available commercially.

Jetson One Specifications

The Jetson One is an aluminum chassis aircraft. It has a three-axis joystick throttle lever. It is a one-passenger electric vehicle. An aluminum race car type of safety cabin design protects the pilot in case of a crash. It has a triple-redundant flight computer which allows continued flying in case of loss of one motor from the eight motors. LiDAR sensors are used for avoiding terrain and obstacles. A rapid deployment ballistic parachute is included. The top speed is electronically governed at 102 kph. The maximum flight duration is approximately 20 mins. It can be charged for one hour at 220v.

The aircraft weighs just 86 kgs, with a maximum altitude of 457 m. Deliveries will be of partially assembled units, and you will complete the build. You will not need any special tools. Jetson One just wants you to enjoy yourself. It does not attempt to solve any problem presently. It will sell for $92,000. It is expensive for now. To book one, you need to deposit $20,000. The Jetson One is still a work in progress. Jetson One is fast and safe. You don’t require a pilot’s license to pilot one. You only need a two-day training at the factory and off you fly. Anybody can fly this aircraft. The aircraft uses a lithium-ion high discharge battery.