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Top Gun: Maverick

After serving for 30 years as a top navy aviator  Pete ‘ Maverick’ Mitchell now pushes the limit as a test pilot and avoids the advancement in rank that would ground him. He found himself training a group of top aviator graduates for a specialized mission rarely seen. Rear admiral Harris, referring to a list of achievements, questions  Maverick on why he had not died despite his risky undertakings. The admiral also wondered why he still was a captain instead of a two-star admiral despite his skills and tendency to take risks Maverick only replied that it is one of life’s mysteries. The cast of Top Gun Maverick includes Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer who once again plays Iceman.

Movie Reviews

The aerial footage of the movie is mind-boggling but mostly practical. The aviators are thrown around in multiple Gs. The buzz on Top Gun Maverick. started strong. Reviews have lauded the movie as stratospheric and one that surpasses the original and praises it. At the 2022 cinema convention, the movie was praised as a summer blockbuster. A royal premiere was attended by no less than the Duke and Duchess of CambridgeTop gun global premiered on the 4th of May 2022 at San Diego on the flight deck of the USS Midway Museum. Tom Cruise arrived here flying a helicopter and landed on the flight deck.