The HX50  Personal Helicopter


 Jason Hill, the chairman and chief engineer of Hill company, the manufacturer of the HX50 helicopter, says the HX50 is exquisite. It combines exceptional performance, safety, and ease of flying. Initial Sale of the HX50 will commence in late 2023. The company aims to produce 250 aircraft in the first year with a plan to produce a further 500 yearly.


The aircraft will debut as an experimental category amateur model, which means it will bypass many regulatory barriers associated with a full certification process. It will not debut as a kit for home building because customers will be required to assemble their own aircraft in a two-week factory course alongside licensed engineers. Hill Helicopters has an online application for its HX50 helicopter configuration on the company’s website. It will let you choose from numerous configuration options available for the helicopter.


The HX50’s Features

The aircraft is basically designed for private pilots. Many of them have limited flying hours. With a performance target of 140-knot cruise speed, a payload of 1760 pounds, and a maximum range of 700nm. It is touted as a private or personal helicopter. It is called a private helicopter because it is designed for private 0wners rather than fleet owners. The helicopter has a three-blade rotor system that is powered by a Hill company-made GT50 turboshaft engine which outputs 400hp.

It has got a cruising speed of 161 mph and has a range of 806 miles. The flight ceiling for the Hill HX50 is 10000ft. It has an aerodynamic design and a retractable landing gear helping it reduce drag. It aims for the highest speed in its class, The ergonomic cockpit is equipped with two huge digital screens. The cabin has a top-quality leather finish. The five-passenger cabin. has large windows for a beautiful outside view.


 The Hill HX50 has a commencing price of $ 648000 which will rise depending on what extras you demand. Deliveries will commence in late 2023. The helicopters are fairly cheap and have low running costs. Compare this price to a Bell 407 without extras which goes for $2,645 million. This goes to show that the Hill HX 50 is well priced


The HX50 is geared to revolutionize the private aviation industry. It is the first helicopter to be designed especially for private owners. It gives good performance taking 4 passengers,  their bags, and 3 hours of fuel to fly to your destination. The do-it-yourself kit assisted by licensed engineers at the company premises lets owners have hands-on experience that makes handling the aircraft easier. The aircraft interior is aesthetically made for both passengers and the pilot. The airframe is future-looking and glamorous.


HX50’s Interior

The Hill HX 50 is well designed and engineered to provide a safe and comfortable experience for the crew and their passengers. The HX50 has a 5000-hour life. This means that with the private pilots having a flying time of 100 hours yearly, the aircraft is protected and it won’t time out after a decade. The cockpit has HDC ergonomics and a user interface. The aircraft is well priced and its running is inexpensive. Lastly, it’s important to mention that Hill company, the manufacturer of HX50 is a start-up company and hence probably the reason why it’s made a neat break from the present style of helicopter design and production to come up with the Hill HX50.