Kim Kardashian’s $150  Million Private Jet

Kim Kardashian’s $150 Million Private Jet

In 2021, Kim Kardashian bought a  $150 million private jet,  from Gulfstream. This aircraft is a customized variant of the G 650ER. The basic model is the G650ER. Kim’s jet can seat 18 passengers and sleep 10. The cabin interior where most of the customization was done, is crowned by cashmere finishes on ceilings, headrests, and pillows. Leather seats, and a cream-colored motif. Two bathrooms have been fitted. One at the front and the other at the rear of the aircraft cabin.

The cabin is fitted with high-end luxury materials and finishes. The private jet has phone chargers on every seat. Kim opted for all-white wood for the  Private Jet. Kim even had the audacity to call the private jet, Kim Air. The cabin interior was painted to match her Calabasas mansion home in California. According to Kim, the best, most exciting part of the plane is the cashmere tones.