Empty Rows Of Seats Remain The Reality In This Pandemic

Coronavirus will remain a thankless memorial in the world for many generations. Since its inception on the streets of Wuhan, China, it has continued to waste lives, chase businesses out of stability and people everywhere are more compelled to remain indoors for fear of falling prey to the virus.
With businesses forced to the ground, airlines are one of the most hit by this, all thanks to the necessary travel ban across the globe. What many will now see airports when they board their flights are empty rows of posh seats in planes.

This unpleasant reality stares at the face of airliners and the next questions is “what is the way forward?” where do we go from here? The answer you will likely suggest should depend on when the scourge ends. But what hope do these businesses have at this moment or what would become of them in the future?

Here are a couple of possibilities to keep close to heart.
This too shall pass, like others…
Yes, a little motivation is what everybody needs now to stay sane. Since the beginning of time there have been recorded epidemics and they all vanished into thin air and life went back to normal. Like Ebola, SARS, and other natural catastrophes came, made their scores of destruction, crippled businesses for a moment and sauntered away, “this too will pass.”. So, it is fair to trust that this pandemic will end. Hopefully someday soon.

Airlines will rebound.
With the above hopeful stir, airline operators will have to keep their hope on this assurance and do all it takes to make it happen. When the pandemic eventually ends, it may take a while for people to take to the skies again, as they may still be lingering fears of contracting the virus or some other virus in the course of flying.
These airlines can scare the uncertainties away by a relaunch of marketing campaigns to regain their trust. More so, while this pandemic is on, the companies can contribute by making donations to front line workers, the health workers. They can also donate palliatives such as food and other supplies to some residents.
These are some gestures that will get people to retain their respective loyalties with the airlines.

Keep your clients on the loop regardless of the times.
This are certainly not the best times for anyone as it takes more than a challenge to see the next second especially for those in isolation. A little whisper of encouragement, followed with a few safety tips is not too much to send your clients.
Remember, you are still marketing your brand regardless, it may take a little work, but you can retrieve the email of your clients/customers and send them messages as often as you can.
Make a deliberate effort to stay in their hearts, the whole season.

Make plans for incentives and fare adjustments.
Marketing requires that you entice your customers and prospects right? So, you need to design packages that will not only bring them into the airports but lure them to yours. One of the ways to get that is by making some free packages, as you can guess that the number of fliers in the first few days will be less, but your airline can have its empty seats filled.
From free lunches to fare slashes will still keep your airline in business.
As you are already familiar with the toll this pandemic has taken on the economy, so reduction on prices will only be a fair and empathetic decision.

Consolidation may still be attractive.
With the predictable economic downturn, it’s not far fetched that the existence of some airlines will be threatened. As some economists have already predicted that some airlines may be out of business if the pandemic lingers up to the month of May. Now you see why mergers will be desirable in the days to come? This could be the only way to remain intact.

The pandemic is indeed a cruel and inescapable situation at the moment especially with the unfriendly impact it has left on businesses. But there is still a pleasant future for empty planes, once this pandemic passes, they will rebound using these hacks as a guide.

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