4 Commercial Aircraft Debuting  in 2022

The aircraft debuting in 2022 in the aviation industry are now few or on a slow match to recovery following the dilapidating COVID 19 season. The post COVID season has shown good signs of recovery though not dramatic. The world has learned to cope with the COVID  virus rather than defeat it.

Changes in the way people contact themselves in all activities related or unrelated to aviation have had a positive impact on the rebounding of this industry. The rebound in passenger traffic has given confidence to the Industry that the future may be more promising. Several manufacturers have lined up to debut their aircraft before the end of the year 2022.

The Gulfstream G-700

This aircraft is being touted as the world’s largest purpose-built private Jet. This aircraft has a range of 13890km. This is Gulfstreams most expensive aircraft to date at $75million.It is powered by 2 Rolls Royce pearl 700 engines. It is praised for its spaciousness, long range, and speed. It is also being touted as the ‘Titan of the skies’.The ultra galley in this aircraft has a large storage area. The cabin height of 6ft 3 in tall and cabin width of 8 ft 2 in is the biggest in the industry,

The cabin length is 56ft 11 in. Though it is configured for 15 passengers, it can seat up to 19 passengers. However, the owners can choose the seat configuration they desire. Each seat has its own passenger control unit or PCU for each passenger to control their own entertainment and lighting. This was one of the aircraft debuting in 2022.