7 Best aviation Component Innovations in 2022

The aviation industry has not been resting on its laurels but has been advancing aviation component innovations to make flight safe and comfortable. Smart is becoming another word in the technology sector. The innovations recorded below show that in 2022 the aviation sector has leaped forward. Below are the seven best aviation component innovations for 2022

1. Flight Cell Smarthub

The flight cell smartHub is designed specifically for rotorcraft. It is the best tool to affect requirements for cockpit recording. It is a state-of-the-art video, audio, and flight recording hub. It is also an access point for USBI and IP devices.it is an effective tool for flight optimization, post-flight analysis, incident investigations, and pilot training.

The flight cell camera can also be joined to the smartHub. One or two cells can be installed. The flightcell smartHub can be paired with the flightcell DZMX to provide a powerful network and internet port. This is one of the best aviation component innovations for 2022.