Airmojo Aircraft Rentals


 AirMojo aircraft rentals allow the pilots to access an aircraft they otherwise are unable to get access to. The pandemic has caused upheaval in the airline industry due to an aviation staff reduction. This has led to flight cancellations and the like. This has caused people to use private travel or choose to charter aircraft or join membership clubs. Nevertheless,  it is still expensive causing the opportunities to be limited. This is the main reason why Airmojo aircraft rentals came into the picture.


The Concept


Airmojo rental creates a platform where aircraft owners can lease to another pilot who needs access to an aircraft. For pilots who are looking for a place where they can get an aircraft for a fee they can afford, then Airmojo rentals would be the place to go. The aircraft rental must be local to them


 Leasing an aircraft instead of buying has advantages. For starters, you save on the cost of ownership. then you don’t have to mind about maintenance, and insurance is provided. For aircraft owners, instead of having their aircraft sit in the hangar or paying for all the maintenance yourself, have you thought about leasing that aircraft to other pilots who need access to an aircraft?


 Most pilots fly for 50 to 100 hours per year; meaning the airplane will be sitting in the hangar for most of the year. Yet you still have those fixed costs to pay like insurance and hangar. So instead of your aircraft just sitting there, you can lease it to other pilots and charge them per hour depending on your costs.


Therefore you list the aircraft on the Airmojo rentals platform and set your hourly price for a dry lease. The minimum time for leasing is set for 10 hours. A website and mobile application will be used to register the lease and payment is made on the app. After payment is made on the app, you meet the lessee and do due diligence.


The Process of Participating

To join Air Mojo aircraft rentals as a lessor, you go to the website and list your airworthiness details and the per-hour charges. The website retains this listing. The Lessee on the other hand goes to the mobile app or website and checks the aircraft details and chooses the one that suits him/her and is local to them. A payment is thereafter made to Airmojo rentals. The Lessor will then meet the lessee and do due diligence on the ability of the lessor to fly the aircraft and whether he has all the certifications before handing over the aircraft keys.


Image by Scottslm


Airmojo aircraft rentals have partnered with Skywatch Insurance to provide a tailor-made insurance cover appropriate for airmojo aircraft rentals. The are three covers involved. First, there is the primary aircraft insurance cover and then there is the insurance for the rentals and lastly, there is an insurance add-on cover for airmojo that kicks in whenever someone uses airmojo to rent or lease. So airmojo has multiple layers of insurance to make sure everyone is well covered. Air mojo, therefore, makes it easy and cheap for everyone.


It is thus a welcome addition to the private aircraft space for airmojo aircraft rentals to have made this appearance. Pilots who own aircraft and who are not scheduled for a flight in the near future just need to log in to the airmojo website and enter the details of their aircraft and the charges per hour and rest assured that they are in the marketplace. The same case applies to the pilot who has no aircraft and has an intention of making a flight. He will log into the website or mobile app and search for the necessary airplane, make a payment online, and off he goes to meet the owner.