8 Best Trainers in Aviation of All Time

A best trainer is in a class of aircraft designed for pilot training. It encompasses additional safety features. It is engineered to be easy to operate, run for long without the need to land, and have a good view around for the students and trainer. It is important to make sure the manufacturer of this trainer is financially and operationally stable to ensure he can provide spares and backup services. Over time, the basic requirements of a trainer have remained the same whereas the trainer aircraft and manufacture have kept on changing. We start with the earliest best trainers to the later trainers

.Curtiss JN-4  Trainer

This Trainer was a single-engine, two-seat bi-plane aircraft produced by USA manufacturer Curtiss airplane. It was designed for the US army as a trainer, This was a piston engine aircraft. it has a maximum speed of  120km/h, with an altitude service ceiling of 6500ft. It had a range of 241km. It went into production in 1915 and is currently out of production. This is among the best trainers of all time.