5 Personal Airplanes You Can Buy For Less Than $30,000


The Ercoupe may not look all that bizarre to, it may be on account of it being around since the mid-1930s. Throughout the decades, it was in and again creation by no less than five distinct organizations, including Mooney, which made a solitary straight-followed form of the Ercoupe, the M-10. By and large, more than 5,500 of the planes were created.  The Ercoupe was an odd feathered creature. Made by the unbelievable Fred Weick, the plane was intended to be difficult to slow down and simple to fly. Cruises only 90 mph, the ‘Roadster isn’t quick, yet it is lovely to fly. In spite of the fact that there isn’t a great deal of shoulder room in its limited cockpit, you can slide the shelter back in flight and appreciate the breeze. This element may sound curious, however numerous pilots adore having their own one of a kind flying convertible. While Ercoupes have begun sneaking up in value, you can at present get a decent one for $18,000 or less.

Range: 360 Nautical Miles
Cruise speed: 96 knots
Useful load: 543 pounds
Fuel consumption: N/A
Avg Used Price: $18,000

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