5 Personal Airplanes You Can Buy For Less Than $30,000

Grumman American AA1A

The Grumman is a vintage aircraft still flying today. The best thing about the Grumman is not only it’s handling characteristics but the price. A used Grumman can be bought in today’s market for as little as $16,000. The late 60s models with a nice six pack avionics panel. Low purchase price also translate into low maintenance cost for this airplane. It uses a similar Lycoming engine as the Cessna 150, thus share some of the same performance. Except the Grumman has much better useful load at 1007 pounds.

Range: 350 Nautical Miles
Cruise speed: 109 knots
Useful load: 1007 pounds
Fuel consumption: 6 gallons per hour
Avg Used Price: $18,000

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