The 5 Best-selling Business Jets in 2021

Pilatus  PC-24

This aircraft manufactured by Pilatus aircraft is touted as the world’s first super versatile aircraft. It is said to combine the size of a medium-light jet with a turboprop’s versatility and the performance of a light jet. This aircraft is certified for single-pilot operation. the flight deck features an advanced cockpit environment(ACE). The ACE includes a synthetic vision system and graphical flight planning. The aircraft has a range of 3600Km. It has an altitude service ceiling of 45000ft. It is powered by two Williams FJ44-4A turbofan engines. This aircraft had 45 units delivered in 2021 and is among the best-selling business jets.

These were the 5 best-selling business jets in 2021. There could be other best-sellers but data is not easily forthcoming to beat these best sellers for now. However, this information may change based on aircraft performance and market variables which can shift without warning just like COVID-19 tumbled the  2020 market.