The 5 Best-selling Business Jets in 2021

Embraer Phenom 300/300E

Best-selling business jet

This aircraft was introduced in 2008 as a very light Jet. this aircraft is ideal for short and medium-haul flights. the 300 reaches a maximum speed of 963km/h  with the 300E reaching a maximum speed of 988km/h. The 300 has a range of 3689km while the 300E has a range of 3723km. Single pilot operation and modern avionics make it cheap to operate. It is however unsuitable for unpaved runways. This aircraft goes for $9.65Million

These two models of jets sold 56 aircraft in 2021. It has a capacity of six passengers. It has a cabin height of 4ft 11 in, a cabin width of 5ft 1 in, and a length of 52ft 2 in. It has a Prodigy touch flight deck. it is powered by Pratt & Whitney PW535E*2 engines. It is among the best-selling business jets in 2021.