The 5 Best-selling Business Jets in 2021

When choosing the Best-selling business Jets to invest in, several factors come into consideration. The first one is cost. You need to have a price range that you can operate in. The second factor is the quality of the jet as far as reliability is concerned. Next would be how economical operating the aircraft is. Next would be the cabin size. 

The next one would be the availability of spares. The range of the aircraft would come into play. The final one would be how much comfort you attach to your flight. Several aircraft having undergone these considerations have been ranked as the best-selling business jets in 2021.

Gulfstream G500 and G650 Series Best-selling Business Jet


These aircraft have ranges from 9816 km for the G500 to 13890 for the G650ER and a speed of Mach 0.925. It has a passenger capacity of three. It is powered by two Pratt & Whitney PW814GA engines. Each engine has a rated takeoff thrust of 15144lbs. The cabin height is 6ft 2 in. The cabin width is 7ft 7in and a length of 41ft 6in excluding the baggage area. The maximum service ceiling is $51000ft.

The symmetry cockpit features touch screen displays and phase of flight displays. The enhanced flight vision system allows pilots to land in low visibility conditions.3D graphics of terrain and runways are featured in a synthetic vision primary display. further boosting situational awareness. Over 100 units of these models have been delivered. This aircraft is among the best-selling business jets in 2021