10 Master Golfers Who Own A Private Jet

8. Sergio Garcia: Hawker 4000

Spain’s most famous golfer as well as the most prominent active player to not win a major, Sergio Garcia reinforced the former and dispelled the latter by finally winning at the 2017 Masters. Throughout those ups and downs he’s had his Hawker 4000. The Hawker could be quite expensive when it first came out in 2001, with it commanding as much as $22.9 million in 2012. Manufacturing ceased the following year, however, and nowadays many sales involving the Hawker are for the $4 million scrap value of its engine and related components. That isn’t to say it’s a slouch by any means, however. The Hawker carries a crew of two pilots, can seat anywhere between 8 and 14 people, and has an operational range of more than 3,300 miles.