10 Master Golfers Who Own A Private Jet

5. Greg Norman: Lockheed JetStar

Greg Norman is a huge jet enthusiast and has owned a whopping seven private jets throughout his golf career and retirement, including a Gulfstream V and Gulfstream G550. It’s his first private jet, however, that caught our eye. In a statement on his website, he mentions that his first private jet was a Lockheed JetStar – a true blast from the past which first debuted in 1961. To get a sense of time, it’s the private jet used by Goldfinger in the James Bond film of that name. In 1972, a few years before the start of Norman’s pro career, Lockheed JetStars cost $2.8 million on average. Adjusted for inflation, that would be roughly $17.35 million in 2019.