Flying Cars That Will Change The Future Of Transportation

5. Maverick

The Maverick is a US based automotive company, except these guys build flying hot rods. Looking at the Maverick, it looks like an old school hot rod. But it’s one that can fly. The best part about this vehicle is that it’s probably the only one that you can buy today because it is fully certified by the FAA. With an experimental light sport certification, the Maverick can be yours for less than $100,000. That may seem like a very expensive car to some people, but you can also consider it a very affordable airplane. Unlike the other concept cars, the Maverick is not designed with a fixed airplane wing. Instead this flyer has a parachute like wings accompanied with a pusher motor to provide thrust and lift. Some key features of this flying car, It was built for great off-road driving. The wing is a parachute, big canopy wings. It has a pusher motor in the rear ones it’s ready to fly. The controls feel similar to driving. You just turn your steering wheel to make a directional turn. The flying car uses a Subaru car engine producing190 brake horsepower.